Disaster Recovery

BCDR by Reliable

If a disaster happened at your business, do you have a strategy to keep downtime as minimal as possible? Have you considered all associated costs? Can you meet recovery goals? These are questions many business owners find themselves asking when it’s too late.

A disaster is typically associated with environmental events such as floods, tornadoes, fires, etc. However, a disaster as it relates to a business includes: phone/Internet outages, server/network failures, database/software corruption, security breaches/data theft, etc.

Here at Reliable Solutions Group, we generally define a technological disaster as any incident causing downtime to a business. Regardless of the circumstances, being “offline” for an extended period of time can have a devastating impact on productivity.

Data protection and the ability to recover a system at any point in time is of the highest priority. Whether it is replicating servers offsite, or spinning up virtual machines locally and in the Cloud; our Backup, Storage and Disaster Recovery solution fits businesses of all sizes.

Introducing BCDR by Reliable – our end-to-end business continuity platform. We supply everything you need, including the local appliance, image-based backup software, cloud replication and true backup and recovery services in the Cloud!

All-in-One Solution

BCDR by Reliable combines the three most important elements of data protection into a single, fully integrated package: backup capture and verification, backup propagation and restore, and complete virtual and cloud hosts for business continuity.

Automated Screenshot Verification

Screenshot verification technology provides transparency into whether daily backups are actually working. Backups are tested by booting virtual copies of protected servers to ensure viability and reliability.

Redundant Data Centers & Encryption

SOC2 Certified redundant data centers; data protection with AES-256 bit encryption during the entire synchronization, storage and replication process.

Multiple and Instant Recovery Options

Should a business experience a server failure, protected systems can be virtualized instantly on the Reliable appliance or in the Continuity Cloud.

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