Message Encryption


Deliver confidential business communications with enhanced security, allowing users to send and receive encrypted email as easily as regular email directly from their desktops. Email can be encrypted without complex hardware and software to purchase, configure or maintain, which helps to minimize capital investment, free up IT resources, and mitigate messaging risks.

Improve Security and Reliability

  • Send encrypted email messages to anyone, regardless of the recipient’s email address.
  • Eliminate the need for certificates and use a recipient’s email address as the public key.
  • Communication through a TLS-enabled network further enhances message security.
  • Enhance the security of subsequent email responses by encrypting each message in the thread.

Stay In Control

  • Protect sensitive information and data from leaving your gateway, consistently and automatically.
  • Policy-based encryption encrypts messages at the gateway based on policy rules.
  • Help manage compliance by leveraging the strong integration with data loss prevention.

Easy to Use and Maintain

  • Encrypted email delivered directly to recipients’ inbox and not to a Web service.
  • Email decrypted and read with confidence, without installing client software.
  • Simplified user management that eliminates the need for certificate maintenance.
  • Encryption process is transparent to the sender, who does not need to do anything other than write and send the message as usual.

encryption process

*Office 365 Message Encryption requires the purchase of Microsoft Azure Rights Management, available for $2.00 per user per month.